Crowdfunding: Wild Temagami Documentary

Crowdfunding: Wild Temagami Documentary

Two Mohawk College students from Ontario, Canada are creating a documentary for their third year project. They are hoping to help fund it through GoFundMe.

Our documentary is called Wild Temagami- Pursuing The Dream and features Canadian canoeing icon Hap Wilson and his wife Andrea Wilson. The documentary will be filmed at the Wilson’s Cabin Falls Eco-Lodge in Lady-Evelyn Smooth Water Wilderness Park in Ontario.

The dream we are talking about is how special it is being a part of the few people that helped to preserve and protect parts of the Temagami wilderness. Along with that comes fighting those outside pressures and following your passion and dreams regardless. Lastly, the best part is being able to share that dream and building a life and company with the person that you love in a place so special to you.
— Hailey and Michael

The filming will take place in September 2018 and the funds will go towards  transportation costs, equipment rentals and other gear costs.

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