Tundra Tarps Now Available In Canada

Tundra Tarps Now Available In Canada

Cooke Custom Sewing's lightweight Silicone coated Tundra Tarps are now available in Canada thanks to Canadian Outdoor Equipment. Both the 1.9oz Silnylon Tundra Tarp w Quad Loop and the 1.1oz Silnylon Tundra Tarp w Quad Loop are available for purchase and offer a lightweight waterproof solution to keeping you protected during your next camping trip.


Tundra Tarps offer many features such as...

  • Silicone coating does not wet out like urethane coated nylons 
  • 3/4” nylon tape around perimeter with loops spaced every 20 to 24 inches around edges and along internal seams.
  • The strongest construction and most versatile to set up
  • Seams are sewn with nylon thread, single needle lockstitched with double stiched lapped seams 
  • NO Grommets...which often fail at the worst times
  • Pack cloth reinforcement in centre with quad loops for securing a centre pole 
  • Depending on the size of the tarp it is constructed from either 4 or 6 panels.
  • Weight: 8x10: 680g - 10x10: 879g - 12x12: 1050g
  • Capacity: 2 - 8 persons
  • Packed Size: 6" x 12" in silnylon stuff sack

These tarps can withstand a far greater load without ripping and have a greater resistance to wetting out. Check out this handy how-to for setting up your tarp.

CCS is happy to announce that our Tundra Tarps are now available in a Canadian brick and Motor store; Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co. The features and construction of our Silicon Coated ripstop nylon Tundra Tarps are renown for their toughness and versatility with nylon webbing loops and multi panel construction. Design and made by canoeists in Minnesota.
— Dan Cooke