Province Of Ontario Investing In Crown Land Access Roads

Province Of Ontario Investing In Crown Land Access Roads

The Province of Ontario has announced that they will be providing over $74 million under the Provincial Forest Access Roads Funding Program to improve community access and forest roads.

These forest access roads benefit not only the forest industry, but also many other users including:

  • mining companies
  • tourism operators
  • Aboriginal communities
  • utility and railway companies
  • hunters, anglers, campers, trappers, cottagers
  • the general public

These roads also provide part of the rural infrastructure for emergency preparedness and response.

Annually, over 20,000 km of forest access roads on Crown lands are maintained by the funding program. This includes many bridges and other stream crossings that are repaired and replaced annually, thereby reducing environmental and safety concerns.

These roads provide important forest operations that allow for both strategic harvest and the proactive management of the boreal forest – a defining landscape of Ontario. They also allow improved access to local and Indigenous communities, an important connection that provides opportunities such as tourism, camping, hunting and fishing. This investment demonstrates our government’s commitment to supporting the forestry industry, vital infrastructure and communities in Ontario.
— Nathalie Des Rosiers - Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry