Ruffwear's 2018 Dog Gear Is Perfect For Your Next Camping Trip

Ruffwear's 2018 Dog Gear Is Perfect For Your Next Camping Trip

Ruffwear announced their Spring 2018 gear for your pooch, and it is perfect for taking them camping!


New for spring, the Knot-a-Hitch offers a solution for car-camping and other circumstances where your furry friend needs to be on leash while you perform duties such as setting up the tent, preparing dinner, or building a campfire. The Knot-a-Hitch includes a 36′ rope that can be secured to a single post or around two trees with a climbing-inspired tensioning system. It provides enough room to roam while ensuring that your camping buddy doesn’t wander off to investigate someone else’s campsite.

Knot-a-Collar™, Knot-a-Leash™, Knot-a-Long™, & Just-a-Cinch™

A leash is not only our literal connection to our dogs. It’s a statement of our relationship, a representation of how we interact, and a symbol of the outdoor adventures we love to share. This season’s collection uses the same strong and supple materials and hardware, with updated color offerings.


Quencher & Quencher Cinch Top

The Quencher is the packable food and water bowl that started it all back in 1994. For this season, we’ve continued evolving this classic bowl with modern colors. The Quencher Cinch Top features an integrated drawstring closure for carrying food on-the-go. Both fabric bowls are available in three vibrant new colors with reflective trim for low-light visibility.


Dirtbag Seat Cover

We all know that adventures can be messy. Ruffwear’s Dirtbag Seat Cover is well-loved by humans and canines alike because it contains the mess and protects vehicle seats from the wildest adventures. For 2018, this vehicle seat cover has been updated with new fabric that’s tear-resistant, waterproof, and comfortable for dogs. Stuffer cleats, webbing loops, and grip coating on the back of the seat cover work together to keep it in place. The Dirtbag is now available in two color offerings to match warm or cool tones of vehicle interiors.


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