The 2017 National Budget Looks To Create Two New National Parks

The 2017 Federal Budget that was tabled by the Liberals last week, indicates that they will be advancing work to establish two new protected areas...

Thaidene Nëné

Thaidene Nëné (Meaning "Land of the Ancestors"): Located at the eastern end of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories


Manitoba Lowlands

Manitoba Lowlands: Would become the third National Park in Manitoba and would be approximately  4,400 square kilometres in size.

While no specifics are outlined in the budget, both areas have been considered in the past but have faced an uphill battle. Thaidene Nëné is a culturally rich area, including the traditional and present-day hunting, fishing, gathering and spiritual areas used by various Aboriginal peoples. A previous attempt at creating Manitoba Lowlands fell apart in the mid-2000s when Misipawistik Cree Nation Chief Ovide Mercredi felt their concerns weren't being listened to.

Article banner photo by © Wayne Lynch, Parks Canada