New Accessories For Your Axe From Frost River

New Accessories For Your Axe From Frost River

Frost River sells an axe with a 2lb head called the Wood Craft Axe, and now has unveiled some handy accessories to go along with it (or any axe for that matter).


Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck

The Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck has an ANSI 240 grit on the darker, coarse side, 400 grit on the other, arctic white side that will “bring the edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily shaves”.


Canvas Belt Pouch

The Canvas Belt Pouch is a small pouch built tough from our heavy-duty waxed canvas with a solid brass snap and a leather belt loop. It is made to specifically hold the Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck.


Buckskin Drawstring Pouch

The Buckskin Drawstring Pouch is a leather pouch to hold small items such as the Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck.

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