Care For Your Gear With 'Knife & Axe'

Care For Your Gear With 'Knife & Axe'

Knife & Axe is a new line of eco-friendly, non toxic, petroleum free, plant based products that will help your gear for years to come. The Blade Oil, Handle Wax and Sheath Cream are all made in Canada while their Field Sharpener and Axe Stone are made in the U.S.A.


Blade Oil

Bottled in small batches, this premium light penetrating blade oil is made with only the finest plant-based oils. Designed to protect against rust and corrosion, this easy to apply all natural product is odour-free, petroleum free, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. 70 ml tin bottle with fine mist top makes application portable, easy and mess-free.


Handle Wax


Handcrafted in Canada in small batches, this premium handle wax is designed to penetrate and protect your wood handles with a unique blend of plant-based oils and 100% Canadian beeswax. 

Formulated to protect wood handles without compromising grip. All natural, petroleum free, non toxic and bio-degradable. 


Sheath Cream


Handcrafted in small batches, this premium sheath conditioner blends wax, plant based oils and butters to hydrate, nourish and protect leather. Naturally fragranced with essential cedar oil. This product is all natural, petroleum-free and non-toxic. 36g of product comes in a round aluminium tin for field use and easy transport.


Field Sharpener


A compact double sided sharpener that features a 1200 grit Diamond / 8000 Grit Ceramic combination. Perfect for restoring  blades to a sharp edge out in the field. Comes in genuine leather case.


Axe Stone


This double sided sharpening stone features a grey coarse side to remove file scratches and minor blade damage, and a white fine ceramic blend side to refine edge sharpness. 240/400 grit can be used with oil, or water, or dry. 



The products are sold across Canada and you can use this handy list to find a dealer near you.