Crowdfunding: BioLite FirePit

Crowdfunding: BioLite FirePit

BioLite, creators of the ingenious campstove that charges your gadgets have launched  a new invention... The BioLite FirePit which is currently on KickStarter.

This portable stove acts as a smokeless wood-burning device that can also cook your meals.

The FirePit has 51 airjets that inject the fire with oxygen along key locations thanks to the fan located inside the USB-rechargeable orange power pack. This creates a more uniform temperature and mixing of gases inside the fire which dramatically improves combustion.

When you see smoke coming off of a typical campfire or firepit, that’s unburnt fuel; particulate matter that could have been combusted inside of the fire, but instead it’s getting on your clothes, in your hair, and more importantly, in your lungs (that’s why so many of us get a headache about an hour or two after sitting around a campfire).

Head over to Kickstarter to help be a contributor and be one of the first to have your own FirePit. The project has already surpassed their funding goal so it will be sure to hit the market soon.