Gear Review: Redbird Matches

So you're headed out on a last minute camping trip and realize as you're packing your gear that you are low on matches. When you drop in to your local gear shop you see the very affordable Redbird Pocket Wood Matches and think, "I can't go wrong, look how many you get!". Sadly, once you get to your campsite, you're going to regret that decision.

I still enjoy using matches, and when it comes time to light my stove I always play a little game. With a match between my trembling fingers I pretend that I'm in dire straights and this is the last match I have to light the stove. With beads of sweat on my brow, I carefully flick my wrist but the outcome is almost the same every time... *Snap!* 30 matches come in a box, however you will be going through most of them as you rarely light your stove or campfire on the first try.

Get used to the thin matches either breaking (which requires you to hold them closer to the tip of the shaft), or fizzing out almost immediately before the match holds the flame. They claim to be "strike anywhere", but break so easily and are so unreliable I've given up using them all together. Whether you're lighting a campfire or you're in a true survival situation, I'd feel more comfortable trying to light a fire with a firebow, and that's saying something.