Trail Mix: What Was The Worst Piece of Gear You Ever Used?

Trail Mix: What Was The Worst Piece of Gear You Ever Used?

Camping gadgets, gear, clothing and tools... we love them all! Overall we find that if a product makes it to market, it has already undergone product testing and has had the bugs ironed out. Sometimes if a product isn't working for you it might be better suited for a different type/level of camping. Every now and again though, a piece of gear fails miserably. An axe that doesn't stay attached, a tent that doesn't keep the rain out, or say... matches that don't strike.

We would love to hear from you (or send us a Tweet or post to our wall on Facebook)! What is the piece of gear that just didn't work?

For us it was the Brunton LED Lamplight. Near the advent of LED lights, Brunton scaled down their regular Lamplight to this tinier LED version that ran on three AAA batteries. It was well crafted, lightweight and easy to use. The real nifty thing about this flashlight was when you were getting ready for bed, you would just pull down on the housing and the flashlight would transform into a lantern. It sure sounded like a great idea when reading the package but in real life it was a flop.

The lantern was a moderate performer casting a small amount of light around the tent while primarily shining in your eyes. The flashlight itself was also not very effective and you could barely read a map from its tiny cone of light.

Thankfully it didn't cost too much, and just as they once said on good ol' CBC Street Cents the Brunton LED Lamplight is "Fit for the pit".

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