Help Make "Get Outside Day" on July 17th Become a National Holiday

There is a new petition to have the Federal Government of Canada declare July 17th as Get Outside Day, a national holiday.

"As a country defined by its breathtaking landscape, we are on the brink of a national crisis: one that challenges who we are as Canadians. With 63 percent of us spending two hours or less outside per week, we are well on our way to becoming a nation of insiders. As Canadians, no as humans, we need to explore, to voyage, to venture outside. It is no wonder that this migration indoors is having a profound effect on our mental and physical health. Nature deficit disorder is real: Canadians – especially children – are spending less time outdoors, resulting in a wide range of problems. Getting outside is the prescription to all of these issues."

Coleman is helping to spearhead this campaign and you can support them by signing the petition.