Get Outside Day is July 12th

Mark July 12th, 2014 on your calendar as it is Coleman Get Outside Day.

"On July 12 we want you to join our celebration, by making the commitment to spending the day outside. But what are we celebrating, you might ask? We’re celebrating the sunrise, birds chirping, the smell of a BBQ dinner, a fearless cannonball … we could go on all day! 

91% of surveyed Canadians said they believe being outdoors is part of a healthy lifestyle, but surprisingly 63% of those surveyed spend two hours or less per week outside doing recreational activities. Here at Coleman Canada, we say that just isn’t good enough…

So we want you to consider us to be your personal outdoor ambassador. We are here to motivate you to get outside and make it easy and enjoyable along the way. 

On July 12th round up your family, friends, heck even your neighbours and join us as we make the commitment to spend the day outside."

You can follow Coleman on Facebook and Twitter (and use the hashtag #GetOutside) to share your plans to get outside, or look for inspiration from others.