You may not even have realized it had a term, but probably have encountered it when trying to walk across an icy crust. When your footing crumbles beneath your weight and you are up to your thigh in snow, you have now created a nice tubular shaped hole, better known as a posthole. When Postholing, you will encounter four things...

  1. Be up to your thigh (or at least your knees) in snow
  2. Curse the situation and wonder why you didn't wear snowshoes
  3. Think about the snow, which is now melting in your boots
  4. ... and for some unexplained reason... think that the next step will be sturdy enough to support your weight... go back to #1

What is?... is a look at the peculiar terminology that goes along with the outdoors. Let us know your favourite term, or ask us to explain one for the readership.