Gear Review: MSR Snowshoe Bag


After purchasing a pair of brand new MSR Lightning Axis snowshoes, I stopped in at my favourite outdoors store, to purchase a bag to transport them in. At first you might think a bag is a silly idea, until you handle a pair of MSR snowshoes and see how aggressive the tread is. I envisioned them sliding around the back of my car and scratching something up (or someone's hands when reaching in the dark for something). So there I stood, in the Winter sports section while a sales agent was trying to dissuade me from buying the MSR bag, and to choose their own branded carrying case. In the end, I thought the answer was simple. The MSR Snowshoe Bag was made for my snowshoes, so that is the one I purchased... but afterwards I found other little details which made this an even better choice.


The snowshoe bag only comes in one size and fits up to a 25" snowshoe. The tough fabric easily stands up to the aluminum teeth of the snowshoe, and keeps them snug so that they don't rattle around in the back of your vehicle. There is a spot inside to slide your tails into when not using them, and a drainage grommet at the bottom to let water out when your snowshoes are drying. The mesh front also lets your gear dry out as well.


There is both a handle and a shoulder strap to make it easy to grab-and-go or sling over your back and head to the trails. To top it off, there are velcro cinch straps to attach your poles to the side of bag so that everything you need is in one totable package. At the top of the bag is a loop to hang up everything after getting home from exploring the outdoors.

The MSR Snowshoe Bag retails for $34.95 and can be found at a MSR retailer near you.