2014 BC Parks Camping Reservations Open This Saturday


2014 British Columbia Parks camping reservations open March 15th. Head to www.discovercamping.ca to book your site for up to 3 months in advance of the arrival date. To get ready, read the Top 10 things you should know about making a reservation. There are no changes to the reservation charges this year ($6.00 plus tax per night will apply, to a maximum of $18.00 plus tax for three or more nights per campsite), and there are also three new Frontcountry campgrounds to choose from (Prudhomme LakeMeziadin Lake and Paul Lake).

There are 27 Backcountry camping areas that are mostly open year round. Backcountry reservations can be make 2 weeks in advance of your trip and can be made through the BC Parks Discover Camping Backcountry Reservation system throughout the year.

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