Gear Review: Ahnu Mendocino Men's Hiking Boot


The Mendocino, is a mid-height Hiking Boot from Ahnu, and it looks sharp in both the frontcountry and backcountry. This leather boot is very comfortable, fits well and is waterproof thanks to their eVent technology. Wet snow and puddles on the trail posed no threat to my feet, while the breathable eVent liner also prevented my feet from becoming damp due to perspiration.

Wear them Hiking, snowshoeing... you name it!

Wear them Hiking, snowshoeing... you name it!

My number one favourite thing about these boots is how great the traction is. While no boot is perfectly grippy on slippery ice, I chose this pair of hiking boots any time I was headed out in unfair conditions. I own other hiking boots that I love, however I have to start walking a little more deliberately once the temperature drops. The Ahnu Mendocinos were "slippery terrain champs" on every hike I went on.

The footbed is removable, allowing you to insert orthotics, and there is plenty of toe room to allow thicker hiking socks. A rigid internal toe cap protects your foot at the front, and poking out of the top of the boot at the heel is a little tongue to help you pull the boot on (no need for loops here). 

Ahnu Mendocino Men's Hiking Boot is available in Black (as shown in our photos) and Smokey Brown. To find a retailer that sells Ahnu near you, use their handy online search tool.