Gear Review: Columbia Peakfreak XCRSN Xcel Outdry

Fall is the perfect time for hiking as you know there will be no bugs and breathtaking colours, but at the detriment of one important thing. The weather. Some wacky mornings on the trails can have you putting on sunglasses because of the beaming Sun while you're getting drenched from a constant drizzle of rain. The best course of action is to go prepared and that means proper footwear that is up for the challenge. We gave the Columbia Peakfreak XCRSN Xcel Outdry some trail time, because we read about its versatility.

The Peakfreak XCRSN Xcel Outdry is a multi-sport shoe, but to me it felt like a very agile hiking shoe. It has a stiffer sole, which provides great structure for long hikes, while still offering a spring to your step. The Omni-Grip traction stood up to the wet and slippery conditions of Fall foliage on the trails and the times that your step wasn't on solid ground, the OutDry construction of the shoe kept your feet perfectly dry. Rock, sand and loose dirt also didn't phase the shoe, either by getting inside or besting the Omni-Grip tread.

The uppers are breathable, and even after a long hike my feet were perfectly comfortable (don't forget, this is a waterproof shoe). The shoe is constructed with welded synthetic overlays which really left nothing for your foot to get caught on while walking through brush. The shoe is very sleek and keeps your foot very secure even while running.

If you're looking for a light trail shoe that combines the best of hiking shoes and multi-sport, definitely try the Columbia Peakfreak XCRSN Xcel Outdry (Men - Women).