After a soggy hike yesterday, and constant rain throughout the night, it was nice to awake to clear skies. While I enjoyed the rain for a short hike, the Hike Haliburton Milburn to Miserable hike was going to be approximately 13km, so clearer skies would make for a happier group.


Our group leader, Tom was full of interesting knowledge about nature (described the different vegetation), birds (performed bird calls to cause a few curious chickadees to come investigate), all while still moving the group at a steady speed to cover ground.  


A Moose skeleton caught in a beaver dam was a bit of a head scratcher as we came up with different theories as to how it got there. Our best guess was that it got stuck in the ice during the Winter.


Snack time was a moment of socializing and sharing of the snacks that everyone had brought with them.


The hike had no shortage of interesting things to see, such as this Wolf scat which had Deer fur and bone within it. Later on we also came across fresh Moose scat and tracks, although weren't lucky enough to spot the Moose itself.


Because of the previous night's heavy rainfall, there were frequent detours to avoid the huge puddles on the trails. Thankfully everyone had good footwear.


The Fall colours were fantastic as the Maple trees had mostly turned, as well as much of the other flora.


Part of the fun was trying to figure out how to get from one point to another as we traversed a few Beaver Dams, and narrow trails.


Although no one seems to know why it is called Miserable Lake, the hike was worth it.