Treetop Trekking Opens in Brampton, Ontario


Treetop Trekking just opened in Brampton, which is their fourth location in Ontario, and a great way to spend three hours above the forest floor. It is easy to get to, by taking the Sandalwood Road exit, just off Hwy 410.


You start off with a mini version of the course where you get your helmet, harness and sign a waver. Friendly guides walk you through how to use your carabiner, clip in, and navigate the obstacles and develop trust with your harness. Have no fear of coming loose as the two carabiner system is a safeguard at all times as long as you are attached (the number one rule). Once you demonstrate your new-found skills, you graduate to the next stage. Each stage takes you a little higher off the ground and slowly increases the difficulty helping you build confidence. Each stage also helps you develop your problem solving skills as you try to determine the most efficient way across the games.


It's quite a thrill to successfully conquer each game and slowly work your way up to the biggest reward... The Blue Heron. A 900 foot long zip-line that takes you across Heart Lake... Twice. You will have mastered your carabiner by now, and only have your confidence to check. Going with friends is the best way as you can help cheer each other on, and snap photos of your exhilarating ride.



Ready for a thrill? Once proving you can master the mini course, you now have the rest of your stay to tackle the numerous games in the tree tops. There are 75 aerial games ranging from swinging ropes, net bridges, to dangling wooden steps and log bridges. Each game tests what you learnt on the previous one to see if you can navigate it as smoothly as possible. The biggest thrill is the zip-line over the open water and offers quite an amazing view of Heart Lake.


Fear of heights? Not to worry, the half hour introductory session walks you through how the courses are laid out and only after you can prove that you can navigate through them do you graduate to the larger ones. There are helpful guides at each step of the journey who will help you with your gear if you're not sure of the next step, and make sure you are safe at all times.



 Treetop Trekking is available for anyone over 9 years old, has a minimum height of 4'7" and a maximum weight of 250lbs. Admission is $61.07 for Adults, $51.33 for Youth (9 to 11) and $46.90 for a Family/Group rate.

There are four locations across Ontario, including Barrie, Ganaraska, Huntsville and now Brampton. There are also five locations in Quebec, including Mont-st-Gregoire, Rawdon, Rigaud, Duchesnay, and Laflèche, all under the Arbraska name.

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