Don't be fooled by the lack of Omni-Wick or Omni-Heat technology in this facecloth, it has its own features that set it apart. Immediately since the first day I started using the Columbia facecloth, it's exfoliating qualities made me feel years younger. Wrinkles are less noticeable, my acne has cleared up and I now have a healthy glow.


Questioning on whether to add it to your backpack when camping? Let me simply say that it keeps bears at bay (although raccoons (those little scamps) try extra hard to make off with it, so don't let it out of your sight).

Forget your bailing bucket? This cloth will soak up water and magically plug holes…. but the most amazing thing?... For curiosity's sake I wiped down my canoe with it and it now glides through the water with the greatest of ease. 

Using this facecloth was the best decision I ever made, but good luck finding one. It was passed along to me by an old, scruffy canoe tripper while I was out portaging. He muttered something about how it was the worst map he's ever used… so I guess he never found the true value in it.