Gift Idea: Tenacious Tape and Seam Grip


Here are two must-have essentials for outdoor adventurers from Gear Aid to keep your gear lasting for another season. They are great stocking stuffers and both cost under $10.

Tenacious Tape is perfect to mend tears or holes in tents, jackets, sleeping pads or any blemish on your outdoor gear without leaving any residue. It comes in various colours as well as Black and clear so it will blend in and not stand out. 

Seam Grip will help seal air mattresses or tent seams and works on many different types of fabrics. It also waterproofs tent seams and adds traction to surfaces. We recently just used Seam Grip to stop a slow leak in our tent and are ready for taking the tent back out in the Spring.

You can follow Gear Air on Facebook and Twitter. We snapped a photo of these Gear Aid items at SAIL, but they are also available at MEC. Be sure to check with your local outdoors store as well.