Jim and Patti from Tumblehome say "Thanks for 25 years!"

Jim and Patti, owners of the outdoors store Tumblehome in Burlington say "Thanks for 25 years!".

Having worked as guides for many years before opening the store, the two of them have had a multitude of experience with nature. They loved it so much they decided that they wanted to open their own outdoors store. What made them change their mind? "Nothing" says Jim with a chuckle, "It's now 25 years later, and we are ready for a change". Some changes in the industry such as having to have a web presence (newsletters, an online store, etc) and buying seasons, have consumed a lot of time and taken away from what Jim and Patti want most, which is spending time with customers in the shop or exploring the outdoors. Jim is personally looking forward to doing more hiking along the Bruce trails and exploring his favourite park Temagami.

They have been proud store owners and when they first opened the store, there was a 50% vacancy rate in downtown Burlington. Over the years they have chosen to stay...

"Our customers are among the best you can find anywhere. Loyalty, personality and a joy to talk to and deal with. We believe in a vibrant downtown, it's important to any community. It has been fun to be a part of downtown and watch the revitalization over the years. That's been the most consistently enjoyable thing. Our customers and being a part of this community."