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On the Newsstands: Explore Winter 2011 Issue

Evan HoltComment

The Winter issue of Canada's Outdoor magazine, Explore has hit the newsstands. 

In this issue...

The cool list 2012

Our picks of the best places to go and the best gear to take for an awesome winter season. By Ryan Stuart

Miles to mush before we sleep

They were hoping to become the first to complete B.C.'s famous Bowron Lake loop by dogsled. But who knew it would be so damned tough? By Larry Pynn

The week the women went away

An all-female trip to the wilds of Newfoundland means good company, good food and plenty of time to stop and smell the blue irises. By Marni Jackson

My bold new fitness plan

It was time to get serious about cross-country training. And roller skis seemed like just the thing. By Ian Brown

Explore is $5.95 through your local newsstand, or $5.99 through the Zinio app on your iPadiPhone or Android or computer.