On The Newsstands: October Issue of Explore

The October issue of Canada's Outdoor magazine, Explore has hit the newsstands. Canadian Mountain Biker Emily Batty made it to the front cover, who also was also in a recent article on The Star. Here's what is in this month's issue...

Top 30 under 30

Canada's best young outdoor athletes, innovators, green leaders, volunteers and adventurers. By Ryan Stuart, Bruce Grierson, Alisa Smith, Bruce Ramsay, Conor Mihell, Ian Merringer and Kate Barker

Impossible boy

Will Stanhope gained a reputation for bold rock climbing. Then his risk-taking caught up with him. Where does he go from here? By J.B. MacKinnon

Living the Canadian dream

She set out to paddle the path of the explorers, and turned into one herself. By Kristina Leidums

Generation what next

There are still plenty of "firsts" waiting to happen out there.

And I would walk 100 miles

For the modern pilgrim, perils range from bears to rail cops to inner demons.

Explore is $5.95 through your local newsstand, or $5.99 through the Zinio app on your iPad, iPhone or Android or computer.