Canoe For Change Completes Cross Canada Journey

Canoe For Change Completes Cross Canada Journey

Canoe For Change, who kicked off a cross Canada canoe trip on August 12, 2017, has completed there journey. The trip was in to help raise awareness and funds for Loving Spoonful, an organization that believes that no one should be without fresh healthy food.

Travelling an average speed of 5 kilometers an hour allowed us to reflect on the world around and gave us an incredible sense of freedom and peace. Watching the sunrise on a quiet morning, paddling 8 to 10 hours every day, big open skies, wind whistling through the trees, the calling of the loon, the song of coyotes’, viewing the milky way on clear nights are all part of the purification Trudeau spoke about.

Carol VandenEngel and Glenn Green’s 8,515 km paddling journey (and be sure to read through their fantastic trip log) took them from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean in multiple stages and although they are done, they look forward to many more paddling adventures to come.


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