Canadian Mason

Canadian Mason

What do you get when you combine legendary Canadian Bill Mason, and the iconic Mason jars? Artist Dwayne James walks us through his creation...

I remember canoeing with my father and he always had a two horsepower motor on the back. That was his version of “tripping”. It was my job to carry it and I hated it because it was so heavy. I remember asking my dad, “Can’t we go out and paddle like that guy in the movies?”.
Author and Cinematographer,  Ken Buck

Author and Cinematographer, Ken Buck

It was always a romantic ideal, and a few years ago I visited the Canadian Canoe Museum and was able to get up close and personal with Bill’s canoe. That led me to painting it, and in turn Bill which inspired my first painting in 2007. It was based on a photo on the back of Ken Buck’s book (Author and cinematographer) which I thought was THE iconic image of Bill.
The Bill Mason Exhibit at the  Canadian Canoe Museum

The Bill Mason Exhibit at the Canadian Canoe Museum

Painting Canadian Mason was Dwayne’s watershed moment because it proved to himself that he could paint from the heart rather than trying to create something commercially that he thought would work.

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