Five Day Solo Wilderness Canoe Trip in Algonquin Park

Five Day Solo Wilderness Canoe Trip in Algonquin Park

Jason Eke at Trailguide Pictures has released Part One of a new video of a five day solo wilderness canoe trip in Algonquin Park.

Hi everyone,

This is the first video from my recent solo canoe trip on the Northwest Loop. It was a difficult trip with a combination of heat, long days of paddling, long portages, a thunderstorm and even sickness.

I wasn’t sure how to edit the trip together, if I should create a video for each day or edit one video showing the entire trip. In the end I decided that there were so many different lakes, and so many struggles, along the way that I should show each day as it unfolded.

I didn’t get all the footage that I would have liked or all of the camera angles, but I think what I have here does show what it was like for me to travel alone on this trip in my new canoe.
I hope you enjoy the video.
— Jason Eke

If you haven't already, check out his videos of him making the canoe that he paddles in this video.