Dogs To Be Banned From B.C.'s Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

B.C. Parks issued an update on their Facebook page mentioning that dogs will be banned from Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.

Hey Joffre Lakes Park users! There’s is a change coming related to dogs and other pet visitors.
While we love our furry friends, this has unfortunately led to issues with visitor experience, public health concerns and conservation efforts.

Dogs on and off leash impact wildlife in the park—even the sounds or scents of dogs can cause birds and other animals like pikas to look for different habitat! No longer allowing dogs or other domestic animals will help us protect the park, its wildlife, and the people who visit it.
— B.C. Parks' Facebook Page

While this policy hasn't gone into effect yet, it will ahead of the busy summer season. B.C. Parks will issue a more formal statement at that time.

Image from B.C Park's website.