Crowdfunding: Cauldryn Fyre

Funding will successfully wrap up on July 29th for an innovative water bottle...the Cauldryn Fyre and Cauldryn Fyre Mobile. This 16 oz bottle has a rechargeable battery that can keep liquids warm all day, or boil water to a full 212 degrees multiple times off a single charge. In addition to boiling there is also the Extra Hot, and even Brew settings.

The Cauldryn is the first portable travel mug of its kind. Utilizing the revolutionary Fyre heating element, the bottle has limitless applications with five different heat settings, which can keep its contents at a specific temperature all day long.

No longer do you need an outlet or, in remote locations, fire, to boil water.

The Cauldryn allows users to boil water, even ice cold water. Cauldryn’s five different heat settings make it versatile enough to make soup, tea or coffee as well as sterilize water. It can even let your favorite hot beverage cool to your favorite drinking temperature and actively keep it there all day long.

Cauldryn is a very versatile bottle. Its vacuum insulation can keep cold drinks cold in addition to its great heating abilities.