Ash Paddles and Canoes Banned In Provincial & National Parks

Ash Paddles and Canoes Banned In Provincial & National Parks

Update: Looks like we fooled quite a few people with this one. Thankfully it just an April Fool's joke.

In a joint effort to combat the Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) a beetle that feeds on the Ash species, all Ash canoeing-related products are banned in Provincial and National Parks across Canada. Similar to campfire wood restrictions you may have already faced, this ban also includes Ash paddles and canoes with Ash trim packages.

We just can’t take the risk. Once reaching a campsite, Canoeists will innocently flip their canoes over at night, or prop their paddles up against a tree. That’s when the dreaded Ash Borer crawls out and chomps their way into a neighbouring tree, forever damaging our ecosystem.
— Frank Thomas - Park Ecologist

This is highly disappointing to canoeists alike who prize their Ash seats and gunwales. I guess Ash paddles will now become decorative wall art in living rooms across the nation.

Have a favourite ash seat or paddle? Send us photos and stories of the trips where your beloved ash gear made your trip memorable.