Book Review: Complete Guide to Winter Camping

Book Review: Complete Guide to Winter Camping

If you've ever been Winter Camping (more specifically Hot Tenting), you will find that it is quite a social event. Working together as a group you'll slog your gear into the woods and set up camp all while chatting endlessly into the night while stoking the fire. Kevin Callan's new book is quite similar. While taking you through all the aspects of camping in the colder months of the year, he has crowdsourced tips from prominent campers. This social gathering within a book is a great idea as there are tips, ideas and personal accounts of what works, and what doesn't while being far from home.

If you've never been Winter Camping before then this book is the perfect chance to hop aboard and discover what it’s all about. It seems Winter Camping is on the rise and more and more people are willing to give it a try, but without being well prepared there is greater risk of injury vs. sleeping under the stars on a lazy Summer night.


The book includes chapters that are chock full of useful information to either help reaffirm what you should be bringing or doing, or educating you on other aspects of Winter Camping as a whole...

  1. Choosing Partners or Going it Alone
  2. Cold Camping Shelters
  3. Hot Tenting
  4. Clothing and Supplies
  5. Pitching Camp
  6. Food
  7. Health and Safety
  8. Tools of the Trade
  9. Winter Travel
  10. Ice
  11. Tree and Animal Identification

I highly recommend this book to anyone whether you are just curious about extending your camping season past the shoulder seasons to venturing out into the dense backcountry in the dead of Winter. The personal tips from both Kevin and the contributors are well appreciated. This book will help you on your way to enjoying more of the year outdoors and hopefully you too will continue the social gathering online and in person with other campers to learn more and share your Winter Camping experiences.

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