Live Out There Is Shaking Up The Way They Do Business

Live Out There Is Shaking Up The Way They Do Business

Live Out There, a Canadian outdoors gear retailer founded in 2009 (and won the Calgary Herald's Startup Of The Week back in 2012) have announced they they are re-thinking how they conduct business.

As of today, we are done with the old retail model where manufacturers make products and mark them up to sell to retailers that in turn mark them up again to sell to customers. This kind of retail is failing on a global scale and we’ve been a part of it for years. No more. We are going to do what others can’t or won’t: disrupt the old retail model.

How will we do this? By designing and testing gear in house. By finding the best raw materials ourselves. By ensuring the people who construct the best gear in the world are well paid for it. And by selling our products directly to our customers.
— Jamie Clarke, Co-Founder and CEO of Live Out There

Investing early in e-commerce has put them ahead of the game, and now in turn they are looking to shake things up by looking at the entire retail chain. Currently most of their stock is 70% off as they decide which products they should make in-house (have your say on their blog) and which partners are willing to join them in their quest to bring lower prices to the public.


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