Pre-Order Canoe: Icon Of The North

After many years of hard work, Canoe: Icon of the North is now available for pre-order! The short documentary film is about the significance of the canoe on our culture. Discover the importance of the canoe through the experience of some of the leading authorities in the paddling community...

After more than 30 years of paddling and over a decade of building cedar-strip canoes, Producer/Director Jason Eke had grown his canoe building Youtube channel into a 20,000 view per month success. Sharing his knowledge about paddling and canoe building through film was developing from a hobby into a deep interest in photography and film making.

“The Youtube channel was going great, and I was having a lot of fun making all kinds of paddling and canoe-related videos, but when I realized that my audience was growing I decided that I should set out and create a film that was really worth watching,” Jason says.

Pre-Order Canoe: Icon of the North now (we're an affiliate of the movie) for $8.99 and the movie will be released on November 1st, 2015.

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Update - December 2nd, 2015: We've had a few readers ask about a DVD and from what I can tell, streaming was the initial focus so that it was ready for wide distribution and DVD will come at some point after.