Gear Review: Keen Gallatin CNX

Gear Review: Keen Gallatin CNX

The Keen Gallatin CNX is a very light (266 g) water shoe that is great for both walking along beaches and heading out on the water. The lightweight midsole with a contoured arch for midfoot support and polyester webbing on top. There is a short bungee lace, which thankfully isn’t as long as the one on my Keen sandals, so it doesn’t catch on debris while wading through the water. There is also the trademark toe cap to protect your toes from bumping into anything above or below the waves. The best feature of the Gallatin CNX isn’t immediately noticeable however until you head out in the water.


The bottom of the sole looks rather ordinary, but when stepping on rocks when getting out of your canoe or kayak, you will find an extra bit of grip that you weren’t expecting. Flex the sole of your shoe to reveal grooves that not only make the sole flexible, but do very well at keeping you from slipping off rocks. This extra traction, especially while the shoe is submerged, is quite effective.

Cleaning the shoes is a simple task. If you have been stepping in some particularly smelly swamp muck, skip hosing the shoes down when you get home… throw them directly in to the washing machine on the gentle cycle.

The sandal itself is a 1/2 size small, so be sure to choose a 1/2 size larger when ordering. It is available in styles for both Men and Women.