Kickstarter: Bakpocket Products Adventurers Hammock

Bakpocket Products have launched a Kickstarter campaign with a $20,000 goal to release a handy hammock.

"The Adventurers Hammock truly caters to the needs of anyone looking to hang out in a hammock. Crafted with advanced features, this hammock is perfect for losing the tent on your next backpacking or camping adventure and more than does the job hanging out in the park or backyard.

Designed with a sleeping pad sleeve, The Adventurers Hammock gives the user the option to insert into the hammock a variety of air or foam sleeping pads, allowing for optimum comfort and insulation for a great night sleeps. Equipped with a removable and adjustable pillow pocket, the user can use any article of clothing to create a pillow on the go, giving this hammock a true minimalist feel. With high grade climbing carabiners, double looped p-cord, drip lines, an extra inner pocket and a unique compression sack with a hand carrying loop this hammock truly is decked out with all the features for any occasion."

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