Last Wednesday evening at the Canadian Canoe Museum, their latest exhibit "Can I Canoe You Up The River?: The Story of Paddling and Romance" was unveiled.

John Summers, who shared his own #CanoeLove story with the crowd, gave a nod to the "vast potential" for stories from the Museum's collection of over 600 canoes. Be sure to check out the Museum Gallery Guide (Here's our review of it) written by John, which provides even more insight to the new exhibit.

"You can take apart the construction of these boats, and really see what is behind them", said Curator Jeremy Ward. "We really celebrate canoes, courtship, romance, growing independence of young women, and youth at the dawn of the 20th Century.... but canoes and love are not locked to that time period at all".

The display included a working gramophone, postcards depicting young lovers from that era, original (and restored) courting canoes, and a slideshow of stories from museum members recounting their best #CanoeLove stories.

Be sure to visit the museum to learn more, and consider becoming a member to support the museum.