Gear Review: Coleman Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Gear Review: Coleman Biodegradable Toilet Paper

If you've ever walked the trail to the nearest thunder box at your campsite, you may have passed a few familiar white clumps along the way. Gobs of toilet paper that hasn't broken down yet.

Coleman has the answer to the issue, with their Biodegradable Toilet Paper. The suggested retail price is $4.99 for a 4 pack, and we picked up at our nearest Walmart for $4.78.

The toilet paper itself is 1-ply and we found it to have a slightly rougher texture than your typical Brand-X, but only by a slight margin.

We thought we'd put it to the test by leaving a few sheets of it in our back yard, next to a few sheets of Brand-X. Guarded by our Tiki, who kept watch over our science experiment all Winter, we finally looked at the end result now that Spring has arrived.

You wouldn't even recognize the toilet paper, which had blended in to the leaves around it. I couldn't even pick it up, as each time I grabbed it, a small piece tore off, separating under its own weight. The regular toilet paper however was just a wet lump that pretty much resembled the original wad that we had placed there, and had not broken down at all. It was impressive that the Coleman toilet paper had started to disintegrate despite only being exposed to layers of snow, and not being exposed to UV rays thanks to a layer of leaves.

Although costing a little more per roll, we'll be switching to the bio-degradable rolls in our camping packs, hoping to make a little less impact on Nature while we're out there.