Trail Grub: Trek Wholefood Energy Bar

We were given a surprise treat when Trail Swag friend and contributor Julie Morris returned from her whirlwind trip to England and Ireland with a new piece of trail grub for us to try.

The Trek wholefood energy bar which claims to be "Gleefully made in Britain", is made from 100% natural ingredients. During a day of hiking I tried my Peanut & Oat bar which consists of raw fruit (dates and raisins), peanuts, oats and soya and includes 11g of protein. It was a fairly dense, chewy bar, but it was very tasty and directly in-line with their quote of "Sticks with you, keeps you going". If you get a chance to try one, I recommend it! I hope to see these in Canada one day as it was satisfying and I would definitely add them to my day pack for trail grub.