Gear Review: Ruffwear Bivy Bowl

The Bivy Bowl stands up to all weather

The Bivy Bowl stands up to all weather

We've been testing the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl for about a year now, and it has been an invaluable piece of gear for a pooch, and has gone on all our journeys since we first got our paws on it. The waterproof water bowl is made from a single fabric wall, enforced by three nesting rings. This means you can collapse it during travel or extend it depending on the size of your dog and how thirsty they are. When fully expanded it holds 1.8L worth of water which means it will almost hold two full Nalgene bottles worth of water. The lip of the bowl is 15 cm while the base is closer to 19 cm.

We've used it through all seasons, on the trails, at the campsite, in the car for lengthy trips (and we have the confidence that it won't spill) and daily at the dog park. Some of the dogs at the park take their slurp of water from this bowl over their own. The fabric has held up without a blemish even when the bowl runs dry and it happens to turn into a game of "Chase Me With the Bowl Because I Think It's a Frisbee". After a long journey, give it a good scrub with a nailbrush and any dirt will wash right off.

The bowl fits perfectly in a daypack with room for snacks for two and four legged friends. It is ultralight so it won't be a burden when transporting as long as your pack can store a bowl of this diameter.

In addition to the collapsibility of the Bivy Bowl, there are some other neat touches. The bottom of the bowl is a little more textured, so it resists slipping. If you leave the bowl outside your tent at night, the upper ring has a stip of reflective material in it, so that you can spot it in the darkness. There is also a little cloth webbing loop on the bottom, so you can hang the bowl when you get back home.

Head to Ruffwear's website to order your own Bivy Bowl or find your local Ruffwear dealer.