Gear Review: Lolë Salutation Leggings


Yoga is such an important part of enjoying the outdoors. Taking part in it helps you stay fit and reduces the chance you could injure yourself while out in the wilderness. One missing piece of my wardrobe that I have been missing however, is a good pair of yoga pants, but as soon as I put the Lolë Salutation Leggings on I knew it wouldn't take long to fall in love with them. I love wearing leggings, they're comfortable and you can fashion them up in so many ways. For a variety of reasons the Lolë Salutation Leggings sold me from the get go.


I appreciated the slouchy look at the ankles so you had some room for movement whether during yoga, out for walks or a lazy Saturday afternoon, they didn't ride up and become too short like can happen with other pairs. I know it's suggested that you could cut them to size but I was just as happy with the extra length to work with.


Pockets - I am a pockets girl for sweaters, hoodies etc so I enjoyed the fact that these pants came equipped with pockets….and pockets big enough to actually hold something. Not that you'd want to over stuff them with the contents of your purse but that if you had a spare key and a $5 bill you knew that they were safe from falling out rather than those barely-there-can't-really-hold-anything-pretend-pockets.


Another feature I appreciated about these leggings was how well they kept their shape and didn't loosen with wear over time or even throughout the day. I also took note of the flat seams - they really do make a difference.


These leggings will definitely be a Fall staple for me and highly recommend them. They come in Dazzling Blue, Storm (as shown in the photos), and white.


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