BOATsmart! Awareness Week 2013


2013 has proved to be funny, weather-wise. Its possible that we can point the blame at Wiarton Willie, who predicted an early Spring. While we all gnashed our teeth, hoping to get out on the water, we had weekend after weekend of returning snow and cold temperatures. 

Finally, after many false-starts, we have a long-weekend AND gorgeous weather, and that means time to soak up the sun on the water. Before you drive up to the cottage and get your boat out of storage, don’t forget one very important thing... your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) as you can be fined if you don't have one while operating a motorized boat.

This boating license is not only law, but ensures you know the fundamentals which will keep everyone safe within the boat and around you. Key points such as wearing a lifejacket, having no open alcohol on board, making sure to check safety equipment and having a pre-departure checklist will all help prevent the 100 yearly Canadian fatalities that happen on the water.

Not quite sure you are ready to write the exam yet? Try brushing up on your knowledge using BOATsmart!'s online study guide which includes practice quizzes and learning modules that will walk you though everything you need to know. BOATsmart! is a company that certifies boaters for their Pleasure Craft Operator Card, and to help spread awareness, have launched BOATsmart! Awareness Week. They will be in Barrie this weekend, check to see if they are coming to a Canadian Tire near you.

When you're ready, the exam is $49.95 (find a testing centre near you or sign up online), which includes free re-tries and is good for life once you pass.

To learn more, head over to BOATsmart!'s website, and you can follow them on FacebookTwitter and watch their videos on YouTube.