With a growing interest Adventure Travel, there is no one better to hear stories from than Colin and Julie Angus who will be at the Ottawa Outdoor & Adventure Travel Show next week.

Colin and Julie Angus met while waiting for a bus in 2003, and since then have combined their passion of exploring the world using human-powered modes of transportation. They jointly received National Geographic’s 2007 Adventurer of the Year award and are best-selling authors who have collectively written five books published around the world.  Their films have been aired on National Geographic Channel, CTV Travel and others.
Colin Angus completed the first human-powered circumnavigation of the world when in 2006 he cycled into Vancouver after 43,000 km of travel.  During the course of two years he rowed across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, trekked and cycled through 16 countries, endured winter in Siberia and searing heat in the tropics.
Julie Angus is the first and only woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland.  During the worst hurricane season in history, she spent 5 months rowing unsupported across 10,000 km of unforgiving seas.  Throughout this challenge, she and her partner rowed through 4 cyclones, encountered great white sharks, and fished for survival.
Catch Colin and Julie's presentation Rowboat in a Hurricane at Noon on Saturday and "Rowed" Trip at 1 p.m. on Sunday.

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Saturday the 16th - 10 to 6 • Sunday the 17th - 10 to 5

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