The Peterborough Paddling Club explored Pigeon River last night. Getting to it was easy (head to Omemee and turn south on George Street South), just look for the signs for the Omemee Municipal Park, which had lots of free parking and ample beach to launch our paddlecraft.

It felt like there couldn't have been a better night for paddling with very calm water and not a single insect to bug us. An added bonus was the sight of a few Mayflies who's short lifespan always amazes me.

The Lillypads were just starting to bloom, and there were plenty of Red Winged Blackbirds singing along the marshy shorelines (as well as a single Heron). The river itself was shallow in spots with lots of weeds, but with such a casual paddling night in the warm breeze, I don't think anyone really minded.

The cheap thrill of having to duck to make it under the Ski Hill Road bridge (there wasn't much clearance).

The leisurely paddle took about 45 minutes (one way) and was 3.27 KM long.

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