Merrell Day at Adventure Guide

Jeff and Peter from Merrell stopped by Adventure Guide in Kitchener to show off their latest gear and what they have to offer. Merrell just celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2011 and have recently added a clothing line to their successful shoe business.

Jeff was pointing out some of the technologies incorporated into the latest line of clothing such as Opti-Wick, which wicks away moisture from your skin to keep you cool and dry. UPF Sun protection is also built in to most clothing and here Jeff shows where to check to see what each garment offers...

Jeff then demonstrated the Women's Belay pants which "put Merrell on the map" for ladies with their engineered wasteband. Merrell offers a wide range of dresses and skirts, which are well suited for travelling.

Peter gave me a rundown on the new shoes and the latest thing to note is their Bareform line which not only covers their running shoes, but extends into water shoes and multisport.

With the inefficient form that regular shoes have conformed us to with thick heals (drop), Bareform is looking to "return" us to a more natural form of running which will reduce fatigue and injury. With a zero drop, this line helps you have a better aligned posture, while strengthening your feet and leg muscles.

If you're looking for your nearest Merrell dealer, try their online dealer locator.