Trail Swag Visits The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa

Trail Swag visited The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. The building just passed it's 100 anniversary and was an ideal way to spend a morning. The entry fees were more than fair especially when you consider what is offered.

This treasury of artifacts spans four floors which stretch upward and each house exhibits from all aspects of Nature. From birds to mammals and water to land, there is a separate area to wonder and astound you.

Each display was meticulously recreated to give you an idea of the animal's habitat, lifestyle and in some cases, what tasty morsels would satisfy their appetite.

I was drawn in by the artists that painted the murals behind some of the animals. A lot of work has gone in to them and they looked far better than an ordinary photo.

Numerous exhibits had interactive games to give you a more informative look at everything from the fat content in mammals milk to which elements are found around our own galaxy.

I spent three hours at the Museum without even looking at my watch once and still have to do a return visit to check out the other areas including movies playing at the HD Theatre. There is a lot of information offered, so make sure to give yourself adequate time to stroll through the numerous levels. All age groups will find something that will appeal to them in one of the best museums in Ontario.

You can find the Canadian Museum of Nature on Facebook and Twitter. They are located at 240 McLeod Street and paid parking spots are available there.