Sidenote: The iPhone 5 Headphone Jack is on the Bottom


When Apple un-veiled the iPhone 5, one of the new changes they made to the design was to move the headphone jack from the top of the phone, to the bottom. Samsung took the opportunity to ridicule this, but I think it's a change for the better.

When out for a run, I string my headphones through the arm of my running shirt so that the cord doesn't bounce around wildly. With previous generation iPhones, and the Apple earbuds, there was barely enough length to the cord (or was it the fault of my gangly arms?) to let you read the display. Now, with the iPhone 5 and the jack on the bottom, there is no issue with lack of cord length or apps facing the wrong way.

So was one of the Apple engineers a runner, or was it simply easier to put the jack on the bottom for manufacturing. We may never know.

How do the new EarPods sound? We will be posting a review soon.

Sidenote is a random Trail Swag musing that hopefully make you ponder. Let us know your thoughts.