Tegan showing students how to true a wheel

B!ke: The Peterborough Community Bike Shop recently moved to a new location, changed it's name to B!ke:The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub, and now has a new Director. Clifford is continuing his education while Tegan Moss has stepped up to fill his role. Having trained under Clifford since September, she brings a wealth of knowledge and friendliness to her new position.

Tegan also fills the vacant spot on The Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee (P-BAC) left by Clifford and looks forward to 2012 and hoping to introduce new people to maintaining their bicycle. B!ke is still hopeful to open a second shop at Trent University and looks forward to working with groups such as the John Howard Society and their Youth programs.

B!ke is open Sunday 2-5pm, Monday 5-8pm, Tuesday 5-8pm and Wednesday from 5-8pm. Membership is $30 a year or $5 an hour and they take donations of bicycles and parts that are in decent condition.