I found my copy of Mountain Biking Skills Magazine (from Future Media in the UK) at my local Chapters. Before you balk at the $34.95 price tag, check out what's inside... it's 201 pages of step by step instructional for all skill levels and covers Fundamentals, Trail riding, Downhill & Freeride, Tricks & Jumps and Winter riding. There are Tips and techniques for Beginner (body positioning, cornering, climbing, braking, bike setup), Intermediate (line choice, woodwork, berm turns, bunnyhopping, roots and rocks) and Advanced riders (drift turns, freeriding, drop-offs, pre-jumping, tricks and trails). To top it all off there is a DVD that includes instructional video as well. There is more jam packed into this magazine than most books and the photography to go along with the instructions is superb. I definitely recommend picking up a copy.