Shifting Gears Wraps Up for 2011

During the month of May 1,250 employees from more than 100 workplaces took part in Shifting Gears, a challenge to get people to walk, bicycle, carpool or take public transit. It seems it was a successful challenge as over 100,000km were traveled using these active modes of transportation. This relates to saving over 43,000kg of Carbon emissions!

Shifting Gears Ambassador: Brianna Salmon

The closing ceremonies were today and awards were handed out to the best performers in each category.

Micro: A tie between The Toy Shop & Have You Seen. Honourable Mention: CIBC Wood Gundy

Small: A tie between Peterborough Green-Up & Wild Rock Outfitters. Honourable Mention: Tridont Family Dentistry

Medium: Parks Canada, Trent-Severn Waterway. Honourable Mention: Swish Maintenance


Large: Wal-Mart. Honourable Mention: Ontario Public Service: Robinson Place

100% of employees taking part: Sticklings Bakery & Studio-N

Interesting Stats:

  • Walking Trips: 8995
  • Cycling Trips: 8881
  • Busing Trips: 3423
  • Carpooling Trips: 11263
  • Telecommute Trips: 548
  • Total Kilometers: 261,287km