Ride The Divide Movie Trailer from Ride The Divide on Vimeo.


Mountain Equipment Co-Op screened the movie Ride the Divide on Saturday and I found it pretty entertaining but just a smidge long. About 20 people showed up to watch the race that starts in Banff Alberta and runs 4418KM to Mexico. When I heard the premise I certainly recognized the length but I didn't quite clue in to how gruelling it would be until I saw this film.

The Tour Divide (dubbed the World's Toughest Mountain Bike Race) is a self supporting race, which means no support trailers (like in the Tour de France) and you have to find your own food, water and lodgings. Most brought tents with them, but some still sought the comfort of hotels for comfort alone (or when one racer's knees and ankles swelled up and she thought they were going to burst). There was good footage although it seemed the majority of it was when the racers weren't racing. It must have been hard to capture footage of everyone as the racers were pretty spread out during the race, each going their own pace. It is worth a watch and MEC is supposed to be carrying the DVD soon.